Wyoming State Board of Pharmacy

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Only licensed practitioners and pharmacists who are registered with the Drug Enforcement Administration, Wyoming State Board of Pharmacy controlled substance license and pharmacist license will have access to WORx.

Statutory Authority

The Board established a Prescription Drug Monitoring Program in July, 2004, as authorized in W.S. 35-7-1060. The Board collects Schedule II-IV controlled substance prescription information from all resident and non-resident retail pharmacies that dispense to residents of Wyoming.

The purpose of WORx (Wyoming Online Prescription Database) is to create a 24/7 seamless point-of-care access system so practitioners and pharmacists help identify, deter or prevent drug abuse.

  • Support access to legitimate medical use of controlled substances
  • Facilitate and encourage the identification, intervention with treatment of person(s) addicted to prescription drugs
  • Inform public health initiatives through outlining of use and abuse trends

At this time the WORx Online Database is ONLY for obtaining Activity reports.

You must contact Atlantic Associates at (800) 539-3370 or data@aainh.com, for the submission of data files.